Dr.Hmuh Thang Hakha A Ra Phan Than

HK Thawngpang ပြည်ထဲရေး ဒုဝန်ကြီး နယ်စပ်ရေးရာ ပြည်ထောင်စု ဝန်ကြီး ဗိုလ်ချုပ်ကြီး မြထွန်းဉီး နိုင်ငံတော် ကောင်စီဝင် Hmuh Thang. Langta nih Hakha ah a rak chiah hna.Crd-VT+ Note- Feb.20 CND day hman an timh ruangah SAC ralhrang nih Dr.Hmuh Thang cu Rungtlang ralhrang umnak ah an rak thlah hi a si lai tiah zumh asi. Mandalay Ah Passport Tuah Dingin A … Read more

Russian and US air strikes attack targets in Syria

Opposition officials say Russia and Syria are capitalising on the world’s focus on Gaza to escalate attacks in Idlib.Russian air strikes have targeted Syrian rebels and the United States has bombed Iran-backed groups in Syria, with the Russian military criticising Washington for failing to coordinate its operations.Russian air strikes in Syria’s Idlib province have reportedly … Read more

Israel-Hamas War Live News Updates: After two dead, Israel military to help evacuate babies from Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital

Israel-Hamas War News Live Updates: Since the attack on 7 October, over 11,000 Palestinians have died in war-torn Gaza, of which around 40 percent are children. Israel-Hamas War News Live Updates, November 12: Israeli strikes continued to hit war-torn Gaza city Sunday as ground forces fought with Hamas militants near Al-Shifa hospital, where thousands of medical officials, patients … Read more

Hundreds of al-Shifa patients face expulsion

The director general of hospitals in Gaza warns the lives of hundreds of patients are at risk because of the catastrophic situation at al-Shifa Hospital.Palestinian Minister of Health Mai al-Kaila says Israeli forces “are not evacuating people from hospitals; instead they are forcibly evicting the wounded onto the streets, leaving them to face inevitable death”. Gaza … Read more

Trump admits ‘various people’ saw ‘papers and boxes’ brought from White House

A Florida federal judge appointed by former President Donald Trump rejected his request — for now, at least — to delay the scheduled May 20 start of his criminal trial for keeping classified government documents after he exited the White House.Trump has pleaded not guilty in the case, arguing that he had the right to take whatever he wanted from the White House. On … Read more

Trump suggests he or another Republican president could use Justice Department to indict opponents

Former President Donald Trump mused in an interview Thursday that he or another Republican president could use the Department of Justice to go after and indict political opponents, as he claims his political opponents have done against him. Trump, the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, told Univision News that the so-called “weaponization” of federal … Read more

US faces almost daily hazardous chemical accidents, research suggests

Hazardous chemical accidents are occurring almost daily, on average, in the United States, exposing people to dangerous toxins through fires, explosions, leaks, spills and other releases, according to a new analysis by non-profit researchers.The report, prepared by Coming Clean, in conjunction with a network of environmental and economic justice organizations in the Coalition to Prevent … Read more