CNA, KIA, KNU, KNPP le US Foreign Ministry Counselor Tonnak An Ngei

CNF Telh In Tlangcung Hriamtlaibu K3C Le US Foreign Ministry Counselor Tonnak An Ngei- Myanmar ram ah Federal Democracy a chuah khawh nakhnga biatak tein aa zuam mi K3C tiin auh mi tlangcung hriamtlai phu KIA, KNU, KNPP le CNF hna he nizan March 28 ah tonnak kan ngei, tiah US Foreign Ministry Counselor Derek Chollet nih Twitter ah a langhter.

Myanmar ram mi an him khawh nakhnga le an hmailei caan sersiamnak ding ca ah ram kip nih zeitin dah bawmhnak kan tuah lai ti mi kong ceihmainak kan ngei, tiah Derek Chollet cun Twitter ah a áš­ial. Shan ramkulh chaklei ah hriamtlai phu unau thum nih teinak an hmuh bantukin K3C tiah auh mi Kachin, Karen, Karenni le Chinram hna zong ah tlangcung hriamtlai phu nih SAC an tei cuamah i an hmunram chung um SAC ralkap sakhan tam ngai an laak khawh ve cang. TCP

Derek Chollet is an American foreign policy advisor and author currently serving as the counselor of the United States Department of State. Previously, Chollet was the executive vice president for security and defense policy at the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

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